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Examples of our innovative technological solutions

Some of our innovative technological solutions

📱 Coop membership app

Our membership app is the largest in the grocery industry and has approx. 1 million weekly users.
By activating the app, users access all membership benefits, coupons, discounts, and purchase dividends in one place.
The app also provides personally tailored discounts on frequently purchased items for each member, and extra coupons for exciting news and products relevant to the user.

💸 Our mobile payment solution, Coopay

We've also launched Coopay, which is an integrated payment feature in the membership app, allowing users to make phone payments in all our stores.

🔓 Self-scanning and unmanned stores

In 2018, Coop opened Norway's first self-scanning store, and in 2019, Norway's first unmanned store, where customers unlock the door with a mobile key function, select the items they want to purchase and use a self-service checkout on the way out.

🥇 The largest and most modern SAP installation in Europe

To achieve our goal of leveraging new knowledge and technology while influencing development in line with consumer interests, we've equipped ourselves with one of the largest and most modern SAP installations in the whole of Europe. 

♻️ Technology and Sustainability

 Technological innovation and development is also one of the key tools we at Coop can leverage to achieve our sustainability goals. For example, when using Coopay, paper receipts are no longer necessary, as all receipts are stored in the app.
The production of membership cards is also redundant now that we have the Membership app.

Another example is that we work more data-driven in supply chain, logistics, and transportation, with the aim of reducing food waste.

These are just a few examples of how we at Coop use technology to become more sustainable!